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Education - Tibetan Medical and Astro Institute, West Tibet

The Tibetan Medical School  Mt. Kailash is established as a boarding school. It offers room for around 50 young people, who are completing a six-years course in Tibetan medicine.


  • Tibetan medicine
  • Astrology
  • Hygiene
  • Nutrition
  • Morals and ethics
  • Tibetan language
  • Chinese language
  • English language

Criteria for the Selection of Students

Students for the school are selected from the entire territory of Ngari Prefecture (western Tibet). At entering they are 15 to 20 years old and have attended at least five years primary school. Students from poorer families are preferrably considered.

Employment Possibilities and Opportunities for further Studies of the Graduates

Most of the young doctors return to their home villages to look after basic health care in the rural communities. Others find employment at the Tibetan Medical Clinic Mt. Kailash, or continue their studies at the medical faculties of universities in Lhasa or Chengdu.


The school was established in 1994, as a first part of the Kailash-projects. In July 1995 it opened its doors to students. The first 35 graduates left the school in the summer of 2001. The second course with 50 students began in May 2003. In 2009 a special 2-years course for students with some prior practical experience was started.

Ngari International Library

The Ngari International Library is affiliated with the Tibetan Medical School Mt. Kailash. It offers space for both, Tibetan and western books.

Library Targets

  • Preservation and propagation of medical and cultural knowledge
  • Promotion of  contacts between cultures
  • Preservation of Tibetan art and crafts by the traditional architecture and furnishings of the library

Main Subjects

  • Medicine
  • Tibetan culture, history and religion
  • Education materials in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, history, philosophy etc.