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Rundbrief (Yearly Report) 19, 2017, Tibetan Ngari Korsum Association Switzerland

The yearly report 19, 2017, you will find here or you can download it at the archive. Unfortunately it is so far only available in german.

Supervision Visits 2017 at the Kailash Hostel Phuntsokling

The monitoring and control of a correct and adequate use of the generous donations of our sponsors has always been very important to us. Our new board of directors, President Karma Gongyü and Vice President Tenzin Batsang, therefore in autumn visited the Kailash hostel, from August 31 to September 5.

In addition to getting to know each other better for a further optimal cooperation, the assessment of the projects of the previous year as well as the identification and planning of new necessary improvement projects were targets of the visit.

There were also many individual interviews with students and staff. It became very clear how motivated and happy the students are at the Kailash hostel.

Kailash Hostel Phuntsokling, Visit by our Sponsor Sylvia Billich in January 2017

Mrs. Sylvia Billich from Hilden / Germany has been supporting the Kailash projects for many years, mainly through sponsorships. It is very important for her to get to know her "children" personally.
In January this year she therefore visited her godson at Phuntsokling in Odisha / India. She wrote a very interesting report about her journey there and her stay at Kailash Internat Phuntsokling.


Please find her report here (in German).

Mrs. Sylvia Billich had already supported our project at Darchen. She also visited her godchild there:


We are so grateful to her for her long-standing and always so generous support!


Tsuma Tsultrim Sangmo, a Tibetan nun, in June last year joined the suppervisory team of the Kailash hostel. She is teaching the students in philosophy, Tibetan language and grammar. She also takes care of ethical aspects and problems of the students. Both the team as well as the students appreciate her contribution very much.


  25 Years Tibetan Ngari Korsum Association Switzerland!


25 years ago, in June 1990, the members of twentyfive Tibetan families resident in Switzerland met in Ziegelbrücke to establish an association for families from Ngari, Westtibet.

The primary goal was to preserve and maintain Tibetan culture and also to solve problems of integration in Switzerland. We also had our thoughts on how we could support our Tibetan compatriots in Tibet, especially in education, health and environment.

  • In 1995 our Tibetan Medical and Astro Institute was established at Darchen, Westtibet, at the foot of sacred Mount Kailash. In several stages it was expanded, finally with hospital, school for Tibetan medicine, production of traditional Tibetan medicines, guesthouse. After 16 years, in February 2011, we were surprisingly informed by the authorities in Westtibet that our support for the Institute had to be stopped and the Institue had been handed over to a Chinese foundation. It was difficult for us, but we had no other alternative than to accept. The Institute is however still fully maintained and can thus further contribute successfully to education, health care and environmental protection in this poorest region of Tibet.
  • Our Tibetan Association Ngari Korsum Switzerland then decided to continue to work with full enthusiasm for projects in education and health care of needy Tibetans, now especially for projects in the Tibetan communities in India and Nepal.
    In 2011 the school hostel in the Tibetan settlement Phuntsokling in Odisha was therefore selected for support, our current project. It is located in the east of India, in one of the poorest areas. Our goal was to give the Tibetan children in this remote area a better education and also to take care of their health. Since our takeover 63 students have successfully passed their tenth class exams.

Today the association can look back to 25 years of successful activity. Without the generous support from our sponsors this would not have been possible!

On September 26 2015 we celebrated at Horgen our jubilee. Pictures you will find in our gallery here.