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Donations and Legacies

The Kailashprojekte are financed by

  • Donations
  • Sponsorships
  • Legacies and gifts
  • Proceeds from benefit events
  • Contributions of the Supporting Association

With your donations, legacies and gifts you can make a direct contribution to education and health of young Tibetans in need.

Thanks to much voluntary work the administrative costs are low and a strict control of expenses guarantees that your money flows optimally into the right channels.

Donation Account Switzerland
Kailash Projekte
Credit Suisse
8070 Zürich, Switzerland
Account No. 0554-798162-70
IBAN CH22 0483 5079 8162 7000 0

For payments please use the form with QR-code, download here.

PC Nr. 80-500-4

Donation Account Germany
Kailash Projekte
Postbank, Stuttgart, Germany
Bankleitzahl: 60010070
Account No. 246 267 02
IBAN DE21 600 100 7000 24626 702


-mfG0815info-qwr2342 [at] -hfg3453 kailashprojekte.ch-tdg6435

Particularly helpful are sponsorships. The following children would be delighted to find a sponsor:

Online spenden
You may support Kailash Projects via Paypal online donation.
Thank you so much!