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Rundbrief (Yearly Report) 25, 2023, Tibetan Ngari Korsum Association Switzerland

The yearly report 25, November 2023, you will find here or you can download it at the archive. Unfortunately it is so far only available in german.


Visit of the Kailash Hostel by our President in July 2023

Controlling the correct use of the donations of the sponsors is always of utmost importance to us. In the last three years it was unfortunately not possible for us to visit Odisha directly, due to travel difficulties caused by the corona pandemic. We had however constant contact with the hostel staff. The head of the Phuntsokling Tibetan settlement and the headmaster are also personally committed to our project and always kept us up to date on the latest status. Our visit was however most important. In July this year our President was finally able to visit Phuntsokling again, after a long time.

Furing a full week he had extensive discussions:

  • With the students.
    The students are generally very satisfied with the friendly atmosphere at the hostel. They really enjoy being able to live together with their comrades.
  • With the parents of the students.
    The parents are very happy about the financial support and the good education. They hope that our project will continue for years to come. In October 2021, the Ngari Korsum Switzerland association decided to extend support for the boarding school for another 5 years until 2026.
  • With the management and teachers of the Sambhoda Tibetan School Society.
    The hostel students generally show better results. Learning together in the evening has a very positive effect. Accordingly, the rector also stated: “One of the main reasons for the better performance of the students at the hostel is the sense of togetherness that has developed. Living together allows them to build stronger bonds, a supportive learning environment where they can easily discuss topics.”
  • With the management of the Tibetan settlement.
    The management likes the strict daily routine at the hostel.

In general, our president had a very positive impression of the situation at the Kailash hostel.

Budget for 2023

The Kailash hostel is financed by contributions of parents, our Tibetans Association as well as by donations and sponsorship schemes by our supporters and friends. As a result of successive crop failures due to hurricanes and lack of rain many parents are faced with serious financial problems. Our association has therefore decided to renounce the contributions of the parents to the hostel costs for the next five years.
The total budget for 2024 is estimated at CHF 38,000.

Corona Virus Situation at the Kailash Hostel

The Covid-19 pandemic had severely hit life also in our Kailash Hostel . The second wave was extremely violent in India, also in Odisha province, where the Tibetan settlement of Phuntsokling and our Hostel are located. Fortunately, due to its remote location, the settlement was not so badly affected. Only five studens have been infected so far. All have recovered well.

As in all of India, schools had to be completely closed since March 2020 and the students had to stay at home with their parents. The teachers tried their best to keep the lessons at least partially up and had set up online coaching so that time is not completely lost for the students . All students have been equipped with appropriate electronic devices so that those from poor families can also fully participate.

However, Internet access was often interrupted in the remote areas, and the students increasingly missed contact with their comrades. Many parents complained that the children spent a lot of time using their smartphones instead of their teaching lessons, watching films, chatting with friends on WhatsApp and playing games. The children, on the other hand, complained about the constant control by their parents and the amount of work in the household.
In February 2022 the Kailash Hostel could finally be fully reopened. Everyone was happy to go back to their beloved hostel with their friends.

Use of the Boys 'and Girls' Dormitories for Quarantine Accommodation
People returning from the other Indian states and districts of Odishas must stay in quarantine. Since the Kailash Hostel was temporarily empty due to the lock-down, it was decided in agreement with the settlement manager to provide the boys and girls' accommodation and the guest house as quarantine accommodation. The settlement management was very grateful for this. The accommodations had been furnished accordingly. A total of 144 people stayed there between July 2020 and September 2021.

New Schooling System for the Students of the Kailash Hostel

The change of the school administration to the Sambhota Tibetan School Society, under the Education Department of the Central Tibetan Administration Dharamsala, has had a very positive impact on students' progress.
Since the school is right next to the Kailash hostel, students have easyly access to existing school facilities such as library, computers and sports facilities.
The school's Tibetan teachers are very motivated and also help with homework. The principal has repeatedly confirmed the importance and usefulness of the Kailash hostel for the students, with its healthy and happy atmosphere.