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Healthcare - Tibetan Medical and Astro Institute, West Tibet

Tibetan Medical Clinic Mt. Kailash

The Tibetan Medical Clinic Mt.Kailash was inaugurated in 1997. It is the world's highest altitude hospital. It is also a valuable contact point for local people, pilgrims and travelers.


  • More than 6000 ambulant consultations per year
  • Training center for the medical students of the Tibetan Medical School Mt. Kailash
  • Organization of medical relief activities (e.g. micro surgical eye camp)


Treatment is primarily based on traditional Tibetan medicine. For acute high altitude sickness, severe pneumonia and diarrhea, western infusion and antibiotic therapies are additionally applied.

Frequent Illnesses

  • Illnesses of the respiratory tract
  • Stomach and intestinal problems
  • Colds
  • Headaches
  • Knee pains

Tibetan Medical Factory Mt. Kailash

The Tibetan Medical Factory Mt. Kailash is a small production plant for traditional Tibetan medicines. About 40 different high-quality medications are produced.

Where are the medicines used?

  • Captive use at the Tibetan Medical Clinic Mt Kailash
  • Supply to graduates of the Tibetan Medical School Mt Kailash practising in the rural areas

Basis of  the medicine formulations:

  • Prescriptions of Dr. Tenzin Wangdrag, initiator of the Kailash-projects
  • Gyüshi (classical textbook on Tibetan medicine)