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Kailash Hostel of Phuntsokling Tibetan Settlement, Orissa, India

Our Tibetan Ngari Korsum Association Switzerland has decided to continue with full enthusiasm in supporting projects for education and healthcare for needy Tibetans, concentrating now on projects in the Tibetan communities in India and in Nepal.

Among many proposals the hostel project at the Phuntsokling Tibetan Settlement in Orissa, Eastern part of India, was preselected, most deserving our attention. It is located in one of the most remote and poorest Tibetan Settlements. The project was unanimously approved by the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association in October 2011, initially for five years

Based on the achieved excellent school performance of the students, due to much better living conditions and good supervision, and based on the request and wish of parents and of the settlement officer our association in October 2015 decided to extend the support for the Kailash hostel school for a further five years, from 2017 until 2021.


A school hostel in the settlement was already established in 1988. However, in July 2010 it had to be closed due to lack of financial support and management.

A hostel is however urgently required:

  • Most of the parents in the Tibetan settlement are in winter working for sweater selling in different parts of India, absent for nearly five months. In summer they are fully busy with farming, though the yields are very low due to small size and poor quality of the land. The children are therefore frequently left alone at home, without parental help and guidance.
  • The settlement is scattered and students daily loose nearly two hours to reach their school and back home.
  • In a school hostel the children can be given the urgently required guidance and support. Some parents, who can afford it, already send their children to different residential schools in north India.

Parents are bearing part of the financial costs for running the hostel.


map2 mindolling

The Phuntsokling Tibetan Settlement is located in Orissa, in a very remote area of India.

However, fortunately very near to the school hostel there is the Ringon Thubten Mindolling Monastery of his Eminence Namkha Drimed Rinpoche, important for the students for acquaintance with Tibetan culture and religion, thereby contributing to its preservation.

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On February 2nd, 2012 the Kailash Hostel Phuntsokling was officially opened, after completion of the necessary renovation and improvements of buildings and infrastructure.


Kailash-Hostel is planned for around 75 students, both boys and girls, from 6 th to 10 th Class.

51 students are currently staying at the Kailash hostel, 32 girls and 19 boys.

In Spring 2020 nine students completed their 10th class. For two more years they joined other Tibetan schools before they will join colleges.

In January 13 new students joined the Kailash hostel.

map2 mindolling
Students who left Kailash hostel in spring 2019
New students 2019

See our students here

Budget for 2021

The Kailash hostel is financed by contributions of parents, our Tibetans Association as well as by donations and sponsorship schemes by our supporters and friends.

As a result of successive crop failures due to hurricanes and lack of rain many parents are faced with serious financial problems. Our association has therefore decided to renounce the contributions of the parents to the hostel costs for the next five years.

The total budget for 2021 is estimated at CHF 35,000.

Projects for the Improvement of the Infrastructure

Already at beginning of the project most urgent repairs of the existing buildings have been carried out. However, during the frequent cyclones the roofs of the dormitories were often leaking. The buildings were partly damaged and could only provisionally be repaired.

In January 2015, the members of the association therefore decided to build new dormitories for girls and boys. Construction could be finished end of 2015. The students have now again good and safe accommodation.

To successfully run a hostel for young students good employees are essential. Fortunately the Kailash hostel has very good staff. They work very hard for the support of the students, but we could offer them so far no suitable accommodation. However, with the financial support by a generous sponsor we could build in 2017 a two storey building for the staff with nine rooms.